About Us

“Working Together for Insurance that Works”

We are a community based insurance company providing auto insurance and “mutual insurance” protection for homes, farms and businesses in South Western Ontario.

“Mutual insurance” is like ‘peer to peer’ insurance. We were created by members to provide each other with more affordable insurance protection on an ‘at cost’ basis. We have continued this mutual philosophy ever since the company was organized in 1871.

There are no shareholders or investors. The company is owned by its members. Policyholders become members when they have a policy of insurance in force. Members elect a board of nine directors from amongst themselves to govern the company.

South Easthope Mutual is represented by captive agents and a select group of brokers in South Western Ontario. The head office is located in Tavistock, Ontario. Agency offices are also located in the City of Woodstock, and in Mitchell and Listowel.

Our people live and work in the communities we serve, and support the businesses, service clubs and organizations within those communities.

South Easthope Mutual has affiliations with other Ontario licensed mutual insurance companies, which makes the Ontario Mutual industry one of the most stable and financially secure insurance providers in the world.

Our Purpose

We provide personalized insurance service to meet our members' needs in the communities we serve.

Our Corporate Vision

A strong, fair and respected company meeting our members' needs of tomorrow.

Our Corporate Values

Respect, Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty and Community.

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