South Easthope Mutual is a community based insurance company which provides property, casualty and auto insurance protection for homes, farms and business in south western Ontario.

The company was founded in the township of South Easthope in Perth County by local farmers in 1871. The company still embraces the original philosophy of providing affordable insurance on the ‘at cost’ principle to its members. There are no shareholders or investors. The company is owned by its members. Policyholders become members when they have a policy of insurance in force. Members elect a board of nine directors from amongst themselves to govern the company.

South Easthope Mutual is represented both by captive agents (employees of the company); and by a select group of brokers, who are independent from the company. Since 1889, the head office has been situated at its current location in Tavistock, Ontario. Agency offices are located in the City of Woodstock, and in the towns of Mitchell and Listowel.

An insurance policy provides peace of mind. An insurance company must be financially strong to fulfill its insurance promise in times of catastrophic events. South Easthope Mutual has been a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association since 1882 and was a founding member of the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan in 1959 and of the Fire Mutuals Guarantee Fund established in 1976. These organizations of which South Easthope Mutual is part; makes the farm mutual network amongst the financially securest in the world.

South Easthope Mutual embraced computer technology in the 1970’s and developed its own software as a tool to manage the company more efficiently. Other mutual insurance companies in Canada shared this need. In 1996, our subsidiary company, “SEH Computer Systems Inc.” was established. Today, the subsidiary operates independently from the insurance operations and provides service to 24 insurance companies across Canada.

South Easthope Mutual has always been a responsible corporate citizen of Tavistock, Woodstock, Mitchell, Listowel and the areas surrounding these communities. We employ local and buy local whenever possible and focus charitable contributions to local causes. Our staff are highly trained to serve our members and are encouraged to take an active role in their communities be it through service clubs, municipal committees, their church or sporting teams.

South Easthope Mutual has always been an avid supporter of the agricultural, mutual insurance, and general insurance industries. The company supports local agricultural societies and plowman’s associations; 4H, and other agricultural groups. The company is an active member of CAMIC (Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies); NAMIC (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies – USA); ICMIF (International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation); IIC (Insurance Institute of Canada); IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada).

The original core purpose of South Easthope Mutual “to provide our members with their insurance needs at a reasonable cost in a manner that is fair and equitable to all members” remains unchanged.


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