Farm Safety

Farm Equipment on the Highway

The Highway Traffic Act in Ontario specifies that:

  • A person must be sixteen years of age in order to drive a farm tractor or self-propelled implement of husbandry on the highway.
  • No driver's license is required as long as operator is sixteen years of age.
  • Farm equipment operators under the age of sixteen are only allowed to drive directly across the road, not along the roadway.

Fire Safety on the Farm

Below are some tips to prevent fires on your farm:

  • Keep barns, shops, and sheds clean and clear from debris and other garbage. This reduces the number of items able to catch fire.
  • Barn and building fires are often caused by recently used farm machinery that is still hot and is parked inside. Be sure to let the equipment and machinery cooldown before storing and ensure no flammable materials are near.
  • Ensure buildings have proper ventilation and air flow to prevent the buildup of gases and vapours that could be flammable.
  • Refuel equipment outside of buildings and make sure equipment is shut down and isn’t hot.
  • Do not leave portable heating units unattended in barns or sheds.

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