Premise Loss Prevention

  • Having a substantial amount of unnecessary items in the home and on the premises pose as a potential fire or liability threat and also make hazards for your local firefighters/first responders if a problem does arise. Items should be neatly stored and any excess unused items discarded.  Combustible materials are not to be permitted in quantities or in locations that may constitute a fire hazard and liability threat.
  • Any used containers of fuel (including gas and diesel, but not limited to) are to be removed from the premises and discarded according to the current code.  In the event of a fire, these can pose a great threat to the safety of your local firefighters.
  • Install guards and railing system to meet the applicable building code.
  • Repair porches, decks and steps that are showing signs of deterioration.
  • Fuel Tanks are required to have barriers in place to protect the tank from vehicle/implement impact.

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