Water Damage Prevention

In order to prevent water damage there are steps you can take outdoors, indoors and especially in the basement of your home.


  • If you're away for more than four consecutive days, during the heating season, have someone check the heating system daily, or shut off the water and drain the pipes before you leave.
  • Properly insulate and ventilate your attic.
  • Regularly check your hot water tank for leaks.
  • Consider connecting your plumbing and heating system to a 24 hour alarm service.

In The Basement

  • Do not cover your floor drains.
  • Store items in plastic storage containers on raised shelving.
  • Check your basement for leaks after a heavy rainfall.
  • Install a sewer backup check valve on your home's main line.
  • Install a submersible sump pump with a battery backup.
  • Test sump pump on a regular basis, especially in the spring when snow is melting.


  • Clear eavestroughs of leaves and debris at least once a year.
  • Make sure your asphalt roof shingles are not worn or curling.
  • Seal any cracks and holes in exterior walls, joints and foundations.
  • Have all downspouts and elbows attached to eavestroughs.
  • Ensure water slopes away from house and foundation.
  • Remove leaves from window wells.
  • Make sure sump pump waste runs away from your house.

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